Chemical Peel in NYC?

  • Louis01
  • 1 year ago

I'm 26 male. I use to have moderate acne back when i was younger. I always got red/brown marks as a result of it. My acne cleared up and then i got happy. Now it has returned and my red/brown marks are very very bad now. I use glycolic acid and all those products and even though it works... it takes like 6 months minimum for those marks to go away.  But now those products that i use... well it doesn't work no more. Should i go and get a chemical peel at a dermatolgist? And if so, should i try glycolic or TCA? The thing is my red and brown marks are REALLY BAD. My acne isn't that bad. I'm really feeling sad because of these marks. Has anyone here had bad experience with glycolic or TCA  peels? I'm really desperate right now and I feel like i wasted my time using all those over the counter products.   I don't mind spending a few hundred dollars or more because these marks are really bothering me.   Anyone know of any place that does these peels?  I won't be trying it at home as I'm afraid i could make things worst.

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From what you are describing it sounds like its really hyperpigmentation left from the acne that is bothering you. These Q&A's might be helpful:

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