Chemical peel for stomach?

  • MoreFabulous
  • Sonoma county, CA
  • 2 years ago

Hi there. I am 41 and have had 2 pregnancies/kids. My 2nd pregnancy gave me lots of stretch marks (now faded to white) and some skin laxity in the lower abdominal region. I don't mind the stretch marks so much, but it is the laxity that drive me crazy and makes my tummy feel like it decades older than the rest of my body. I know a tummy tuck would be the best, but I don't want perfection, just smooth(er) skin. Anyone have experience with chemical peels on the abdomen? By the way, i have never had a chemical peel on the face due to rosacea.

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I used the Body Peel on my legs and love the results. I order it online from I'm Fabulous Cosmetics. I usually get the 100 ml bottle or I do not have an off.