Chemical peel deformed my nose?

  • Mornings
  • 3 years ago

Greetings all, I have no idea what's wrong with my nose particularly. I've used a few chemical peels mainly from skin laboratory (salicyclic, glycolic, lactic) and it made my face a whole lot worse, i wanted to remove some acne scars. I have developed these inflamed pores on my nose that just won't go away, the chemical peel felt like it ripped the top layer skin of my nose off. i have no idea if i developed rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, etc or something that makes my skin inflame. my skin there's a hint of mild redness on my cheek and my nose is permanately mildly red-ish/pink-ish? It looks like the top layer of my nose (epidermis?) is gone and there are tiny whiteheads (P&P?, or more like yellow heads to me) on my nose along with visibles pores which is also visible on the cheek. my skin particularly then nose is dry and scaly peeling, i can't even apply concealer or makeup to hide my deformed (perhaps too strong of a word) nose. I think i thinned my skin because of these peels, i am unsure what to do and looking for recommendations and help. currently i really have no regiment and wash my face with cetaphil gentle cleanser and use cetaphil moisturizing lotion as a moisturizer or Protective day cream with cynergy tk keratin by pure source, eat omega 3 fatty acids, pray, basically i'm all out of ideas. My face feels sensitive and i have developed mild redness on the cheeks. I went to the doctor and he thinks its acne, going to get a second opinion soon. He prescribed me benzoyl peroxide 5%, i'm afraid to use it. Here are some pictures from different lighting/pov. As you can see my skintone has changed due to the peels. Touching my nose mid-day feels scaly/flaky and a bit oily, but it won't go away and my nose is whitish/pinkish depending on the lightning which looks awful. {Edited. Please include photos here on RealSelf rather than posting an outside link.}