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Anyone had cheek implants in the Philippines?

  • AndraP
  • 11 months ago

After tons of research over several months I settled on cheek implants (sub malar) as being my procedure of choice to give lift and fullness to the mid face.  Then I discovered I could not find one plastic surgeon in my city in Australia who performed this procedure.  If I had to fly to Sydney to get it done for $10,000 I figured I might as well fly to Manila and have it done there for a total cost with air fares and accommodation of about $3000.  There are a number of plastic guys there who have been trained in the US and have many years experience but who to choose?  It's very hard to find reviews of Filipino surgeons.  I have contacted 3 so far - 2 responded immediately and the 3rd I'm still waiting for.  One, a Dr Lasa, is happy to do it for me but the other, Dr Lucero, is suggesting Juvederm Voluma instead.  I am sure this would work perfectly well but I'm much keener on a long term strategy like implants, knowing they can be removed should they no longer look right. Any feedback on competent surgeons in the Philippines would be appreciated.  Thank you

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Hi Andra, have you gotten you implants? Have you thought about Thailand instead?
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FYI, he can perform "malar" augmentation. So depending on your needs and expectations you should be clear whether you want cheeckbones (malar) or increased volume in between your nose and the cheekbones, directly below the eye (submalar).
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Just had elective surgery with Dr. Lasa this week. I went to him for two different procedures. First I wanted my buccal fats extracted, and then I asked for submalar implants specifically (not to be confused with malar implants). The buccal fat removal he was able to perform on me on both sides of my face. As for the submalar implants he told me that they are currently not available in the Philippines since there hasn't been any demand for this type of procedure. He instead recommended using Voluma to address the volumization of my midface which i ultimately agreed to. He charges $600 per 1 cc and chances are you would need 2 ccs. Dr. Lasa is now the president of the Philippine Aesthetic and Reconstructive Society so I took his word on the unavailability of the implants. Like you I wanted the implants for longevity. I am based in the US and just came to manila on holiday. I guess my plan is to just be content with Voluma in the mean time and after a year or so once it is resorped by my body, I will have the submalar augmentation in Philadelphia. I was extremely disappointed with this but it doesn't look like there are many options here in Manila. Hope this helps.
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I was advised by Dr Rino Lorenzo in Manila that sub malar implants were an option. He showed them to me in his office but convinced me that a MACS facelift with fat transfer was a better option. Had surgery on July 1 and loving the results. Accidentally re registered here as Maxigirl so review can be read under that user name.
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