changing weekly?

  • vonnie1234
  • 2 years ago

Hello, I have had invisalign on top and bottom for 6 months (10 trays changing every 2 weeks) and now the orthodontist has removed the attachments and told me to wear another 9 trays but to change them weekly. The aligners have arrived with attachment parts on but there are none in my mouth. Do you think my denstist is being lazy by not wanting to put them on again or will they really work changing them weekly with no attachments as I am desperate to finish the treatment as I was only told it would be a 6 month process at the beginning. I'm not sure what to think I am only waiting for one small gap to close but it hasn't really moved in 6 months.  

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I can totally understand your concern, especially when there is a lot of information about how important it is to wear the trays the full two weeks.

I have to say I doubt your orthodontist is being lazy, because if the teeth didn't shift into the position they are suppose to, he/she would have to make more trays and modify the treatment plan, which seems like more work than just attaching a few buttons - of course I don't know, and that is just opinion though.

Have things seemed to be on the up & up during the first part of your treatment? If so, and things have seemed to move along well I wouldn't be too worried about it, and I would just do as you are instructed, believing he/she has set a plan in place. That being said, its never a bad idea to ask questions if you feel uncomfortable. Have you had a chance to discuss your concerns with your orthodontist?