Anyone change from saline to silicone?

  • Lisa93542
  • 1 year ago

Has anyone gone up in size and changed to silicone from saline? How do you like your results? How was recovery?

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I had saline a few years ago and i switched over to the gels. i think the gels are nicer and softer than my previous salines. when i had salines they rippled pretty bad i have no ripples at all with the gels. the gels look and feel natural to me they move and bounce around like real breast.
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I had saline before, 2 months ago I just had them replaced with memory gel, which is silicone. I like them so much better. they are lighter feeling and more natural. I went from 350 cc to 425 cc. recovery is taking alittle longer because left one had ruptured over a year ago. right one no pain at all. did nt even feel like i had replaced.
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Are you primarily considering this change because you are increasing your size? I think you look just perfect in your picture!

Here is a link to the RealSelf Doctor Q&A that may answer some of your questions:

Want to Increase Existing Implant Size - Size? Saline or Silicone?

Let us know how you decide to proceed!

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