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cement forehead, bags under eyes from botox - how long will this last?

  • frozen
  • 2 years ago

Got botox in my forehead (10 units) and between brow (20 units) one week ago.  This is not my first time with botox and have previously had good results.  This time I am totally frozen, cannot raise my brows (one is slightly higher than the other).  When I smile I have bags and wrinkles under my eyes.  I also have a tingling sensation in my forehead and under my eyes (I did not have injections in crows feet).  I'm afraid it will get worse before it gets better.  I have had anxiety attacks, can't sleep and I am just overall so upset and disappointed.  Anyone else experience this?  How long until I feel some loosening up, and will these bags ever go away? 

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Hi Jamie - I just looked at your other threads and see that you had a similar experience. I also have bags under my eyes when I smile (so I haven't smiled in days). Have you noticed improvement? I really need reassurance here that I won't look like this for the next 4 months, and that I won't have permanent bags/wrinkles under my eyes when this is over. Thanks
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Hi Frozen. I have heard botox wears off faster when you exercise and drink lots of water. I also read this post about this lady and how hers wore off fast...
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I'm so sorry to hear about the negative symptoms you are experiencing. The good news is Botox does not last forever. Here is a Q&A that gives info on how long it lasts:

How Long Does Botox Last?


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