How many cc's of fat are needed to augment the butt?

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  • 4 years ago

My weight is 198 lbs I also have huge love handles will lipo on my hips and flanks make my waist look smaller? also I will be getting a fat transfer to the butt area. how much cc do I need to have a huge butt?

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Is 200 ccs in each cheek enough fat for a brazilian butt lift? I'm interested in getting Brazilian butt lift. I had a consult with board certified plastic surgeon in San Diego, and he said even though I'm relatively slender, he could get about 200 ccs transferred into my buttocks by transferring fat from my flanks and back rolls. He also stated that my buttocks would look full & and my waist would more defined so my buttocks would look big, and my contour look a lot better. Also, Is it safe for me to go under general anesthesia if I had mild to moderate asthma? Thank you.

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200 is not much of a difference, if i were you i would just gain weight because you are going to be disappointed

Hi mink,

The amount of CCs varies depending on the results you want (just like with breast implants) but the average from Brazilian butt lift reviews here on RealSelf is about 500cc-700cc per cheek.

Hope this helps!

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