How many cc's do i need to have injected in each butt to improve volume?

  • laella
  • 1 year ago

Im planning on having a BBL but me PS says i dont have too much fat but enough for what im looking for.. Im very concerned, i dont want to go thru this process and not having a change... I dont want a EXTREMELY big butt, i just want to add more volume and improve a little bit the size... HELP!

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i would say at least 500cc, if you are using fat most will be absorbed.
Never USE I repeat NEVER USE hydrogel polyacrylamid or PMMA anywhere!!! it's very and ALWAYS DANGEROUS!!! I had it in my lips and I had to do remove it by a surgeon because about 5 years I got complications like bumps/lumps and the product spread down above my lips, in my cheek and my jaw. it was awful!! Even if a surgeon inject you, you will have later big problems!!! because youy body will react because of the product is a foreign product. Do reseach on web it's very dangerous!!
Hiii! Thanks for the advice but i dont plan on injecting anything than my own fat! Im really afraid about all those strange things!