How many cc's did you have removed and what was your before and after size?

  • jenschi
  • CA
  • 2 years ago

I'm scheduled for surgery on March 13th and in order for insurance to cover the procedure they have to remove 400cc's of tissue. I'm trying to guage what size I will be afterwards. The surgeon thinks I will go from  my 36DD/DDD to a C possibly a B. What were you before and after sizes and how much was removed?

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Good question, will be interesting to see answers. I had 600 grams removed each side and went from 32h to 32dd.
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I had 450+ from my left breast and almost 500 from my right.  I went from a 34H to 34DD.  Though he said my breast tissue was very dense and heavy with not alot of fat.  I think the consitency of the breasts will make a difference.  Good luck!
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