CareCredit.....Anyone using it? No interest for 24 months..

  • Dreemer
  • Ft.Lauderdale, Florida
  • 3 years ago

This is a CC used only for medical, dental, and vets..LOL. Seems like a great deal...IF you pay in full. If not, boy are you screwed...hahahaha.

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I am using Care Credit. It is imperative to pay it off in the time that the Dr. offers. Mine is 12 months max. There is a minimum payment to make i think it is 3.75% of the balance. It seems worth it to me, as opposed to dipping into any monies. ONLY if it is interest free. I wil use my tax return in Jan. to pay it off. Thats my plan. Some dr.'s offer more time to pay if off without interest.
Whats your take on this?
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Here's what some doctors have to say about Care Credit. Hopefully some other ladies will give you first hand experiences!

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