Can I care for my 11 mnth old baby, with no help, 1 week after extended tt, mini arm tuck, lipo (contouring) and mini face/neck

  • 141grace
  • Georgia
  • 2 years ago

Having surg on 10/24.  My husband will only be home for 7 days after surgery then he will be out of town for a couple weeks.  Is this doable?   I have an older child who is self sufficient and can help after school. No mom is gonna wait weeks to hold a baby.  How soon do you all reasonably think before I can hold my baby.  Also, I have a recliner down stairs but I think I'd prefer to be upstairs in my room, propped up in bed.  It will be quieter for me sleep and that way by baby won't see me and want to play.   Any input is appreciated.