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Anyone used Care Credit to pay for their rhinoplasty?? Thoughts/experiences?

  • masri1011
  • new york, ny
  • 2 years ago

I'm definitely going to have to use some type of payment plan for my rhinoplasty, and the doctor I'm hoping to use is only accepting the 6 month interest free Care Credit plan. I barely have any credit and Ive been doing some research and a lot of people have had problems with them. I dont want to mess up my credit, if you've used it what have some of your experiences been like? Should I really stay away??

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I have used CareCredit for several things, and never any problems.

I remember getting a car loan and attaching it on to that saying I was getting elective surgery. That's all I had to tell them. It might be worth a try. A personal loan for an elective surgery sounds valid to me.

do banks allow loans for plastic surgery?

Here's what some doctors have to say about care credit. Have you considered trying to get a small, personal loan from your bank or credit union? That's what I did.