Who has had a Capsullhaphory revision?

  • Beachie
  • MA
  • 1 year ago

Good Morning. I am curious how many women here have gone back to fix lateral displacement/ bottoming out having a Capsullhaphory? I am almost 1 week out from my surgery and wondering what your healing time was like? Thanks!

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I'm 3 weeks out and have no more bruising. My scars are healing and I mainly have pain at night. When did you begin sleeping on your side again? I don't want to compromise the pocket so I'm trying to sleep on my back and I am getting so sore. If you are in pain switch to a compression sports bra it works wonders for pain!
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I started sleeping on my side about 6 weeks out.
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I had a capsullhaphory done before and it took about 1 month for me to feel completely back to normal. It was a pretty painful recovery for me.
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I had my revision surgery 2 months ago. I m still having brusing on the left one because I left it untrated for a over a year. so the dr had to make a new pocket and clean out scar tissue. this is my second replacement. the first replacement took time to. I was sore for a couple of months. I now have memory gel. which is so much better
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Hi there,

Here's another woman who recently underwent a capsulorrhaphy. Perhaps you could reach out to her? (If you type capsulorrhaphy into RS's search bar you'll find more as well).

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