Capsular contracture and miscarriage association?

  • Veedub
  • 1 year ago

    Hi, all, I'm curious how many capsular contracture sufferers out there, like me, had a miscarriage prior to getting breast implants? I had two miscarriages when I was 18 and 20; got implants at 25; and then had a suspected miscarriage a few years after, too. I just had a revision for capsular contracture. As I'm scared it will happen again, and considering no one seems to have a good understanding about the causes, I'm curious about any theories that might explain what makes some women so susceptible to getting CC and how to prevent it. It's just an idea, but I'm wondering if pregnancy somehow changes the breast tissue's immune response to foreign objects, possibly making it hyperactive in some way. And because the body fails to go through the complete pregnancy, it misses out on some biochemical change initiated after delivery to return the breast tissue back to "normal". Immune system changes during early pregnancy are a normal response. By virtue of its nature, the body makes every effort to keep the growing organism inside separate and “walled off” and there are certain mechanisms in place to destroy any blood or cells that do manage to enter the mother’s bloodstream. So, to me, it isn’t so farfetched to imagine that some women have a dysfunction of some sort in that system that regulates these biochemical immune responses. Anyone have any thoughts or theories of their own please feel free to comment.