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How Can I Calm Myself Down Before Surgery?

  • martayela
  • sun city, california
  • 1 year ago

My surgery will be this upcoming Friday, March 1.  I posted in the area for people who haven't had the surgery yet, but no one has answered me with any type of reassurance.  I'm a huge baby when it comes to pain and i'm beginning to "freak out".  I may be the oldest person to post....age 74.  (I posted two "before" pictures on that other site.)  The only pain medication my doctor prescribed is Acetaminophen with Codeine #3 (and only 10 tablets)!!!  He also prescribed Valium 5mg.  The surgeries I'm having are "Facelift with Central Plication and Release" and "Hairline Browlift".  I've been so nervous that my blood pressure became very has never been high before.  Now I'm taking Atenolol and that drug has helped tremendously.  The morning of surgery, after I've scrubbed my face and entire body with antiseptic soap, I take one Valium and one Atenolol with a very tiny sip of water.  Please somebody talk to me.....

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Hi Martayela,

It's totally normal to be nervous. I'm sure you'll do great and it sounds like your doctor is taking good care of you with your prescriptions and pre-op plan.

Please check out the article "16 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting a Facelift", which was written by members of the RealSelf community. There's a really handy shopping list with things you'll need, tips to get through recovery, etc.

Finally, here are some other folks who have had facelift recently. You're definitely not alone in this, so don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help! We're all here for you, cheering you on and ready to support you.

Good luck. :)

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