Does C02 laser reduce elasticity of the face or cause fat atrophy?

  • spikitti
  • austin, tx
  • 2 years ago

I had acne scarring on one side of my cheeks, so I had c02 laser resurfacing done. The doctor was more aggressive with the scared side. It has now been four months and I feel like that side is more "smushy and malleable" or lacks the elasticity/fat of the less aggressively treated side. It is not visibly noticeable, just something I feel when touching my cheeks. I thought this was something that should have actually improved!  Is this something that could improve, even at 4 months post-op? Or am I just being crazy? 

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Worst decision I have ever made in my life. I thought I had researched any risks by consulting several docs, but unfortunately nobody ever mentioned this as a possibility to me. Now I have to live with this for the rest of my life.
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Yes. It happened to me too.
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YES. Fat loss can happen with Co2, IPL and other lasers/light beam devices, although doctors keep denying it. Hopefully in this tech age, they will someday be able to have the technology to really observe what is being done to the skin when the laser hits it at various frequencies/levels and finally admit that this is a possible side effect. It's terrible to deal with (incredibly hard to correct in a way that will make you look exactly as you did before) and infuriating when no one believes you. Best of luck!!
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Here is a review written by another community members who also used CO2 for acne. Perhaps you could reach out to them and ask if they experienced anything like this.

“Had Pixel CO2 Laser Yesterday for Acne Scars - Extremely Painful!!”

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