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Is buying Restylane from online pharmacies safe?

  • CanadaCosmo
  • Canada
  • 4 years ago

I have noticed that the cost savings of buying Restylane and Perlane online are huge, but are these products the real things and are they safe?

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Hi CanadaCosmo,

Please don't do it!

We've heard too many horror stories about people being disfigured by unknown injectable substances they ordered online.

There is no way to ensure the product you're getting is the real deal when you order it online (and most often, it ISN'T the real deal). Your face is too precious to take that kind of risk.

No ethical medical practitioner would inject filler material that didn't come to their office direct from the manufacturer, so ordering Restylane online would probably also require you to see an unlicensed/unqualified practitioner or self-inject. This is very dangerous!

I urge you to remember that injectable fillers are controlled medications for a reason and should only be ordered and administered by licensed, experienced medical practitioners.

Good luck, and please be safe :)

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