Buyers Remorse after reduction?

  • WendyL
  • Erie, PA
  • 3 years ago

I had a tummy tuck and a reduction on March 10th and while I LOVE the way my stomach looks now, I am not happy with how small my breasts are. I went from a (terribly sagging) 38DD to a 38B. My surgeon said it would be closer to a C, but I'm measuring a B now and I'm terrified that once any additional swelling goes down, I'll be even smaller. What can I do? I feel like this was a huge mistake. My husband is thrilled with how they look now- and it is an improvement from the sag for sure, but I'm having a really hard time adjusting to the size. Is this normal? I know that emotionally there are ups and downs with surgery but I'm worried this might be more than a "down".

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WendyL Im glad you feel better about it. I have to say at first I was scared mine were too small, and everyone assured me I was proportionate. Now I love them, and I really think for me it was just such a drastic change that they SEEMED too small in comparison to my 34DDDs! But technically they are now a "perfect C" and I LOVE them!
Just wanted to update-- I'm feeling MUCH better about my size. I've spoken with my PS and he's really been great. I do look proportionate and it does look MUCH better.
You're probably right, Angie. It's that little B that gets to me- my first bra was a C! Everyone who has seen the "big picture" thinks it all looks amazing, and I know eventually I'll accept the size. I do think the smaller breasts look better with the smaller waist for sure.

So you're 18 days out...that's still pretty recent. I can totally understand your panic. Try to take deep breaths and give it a little more time. Do you feel that you look proportional? You might be going through a certain sort of body dysmorphia that sometimes happens after surgery. You're so used to seeing yourself in a certain way, that when your body has changed so quickly, it can look very odd and more exaggerated than it really is.