Burnt by Laser Hair Removal - Need advice

  • Pixie84
  • Edmonton, AB
  • 3 months ago

Hello,I have a major concern. I'm very hairy & decided to get laser hair removal. I had my first treatment on my whole body & face with no issues.. However, I felt that the technician was not very thorough in covering all areas.. So I marked my body with black eyeliner (divided my body into vertical & horizontal line, making tiny squares) to ask the technician to go on all areas & not miss any. When I got to my appointment & took off my clothes, I asked the technician if that was okay & she asked me what I used & I said (eyeliner) and she said it was fine. I asked her if she wanted me to wipe it off if it bothered her (I asked that multiple times because I didn't wanna seem like a picky customer & she said that it was fine). Please note that (as per my technician's instructions) I had two advils & numbed my skin with Amila Cream to ease the pain of laser hair removal. Somehow she didn't notice that she was burning me with every zap and I didn't feel it because I was numb.. But as I was getting dressed to leave, I started noticing burns all over my body.Long story short, I now have over a hundred burn marks over my neck, shoulders, breasts & tummy. I'm in agonizing pain, the burn marks are infected, bleeding & oozing. I've been bed-ridden, been to doctors, emergency hospital & countless pharmacies trying to ease the pain & to get rid of the infection.I'm terrified that I've scarred my body for life. That no one will ever marry me & that I'll never be able to have a normal life or show myself in public ever again. I'm getting depressed, anxious and in physical & emotional pain.I had no idea that the laser was targeting black pigments. I had no idea that she was burning my skin and that she hadn't noticed what was happening to me. By the time I got off her table, the burns were very clear.. How did she miss them?As she applies the gel to my skin & lasers then wipes the gel away, she surely would've noticed the burns after she wiped away the eyeliner marks. Why didn't she let me wash it off in the sink that was two feet away from my bed (the sink was inside that room with us & the eyeliner wasn't water-proof. If she knew it was bad, why didn't she let me wipe it off within two seconds?) why would she let me burn & scar for life?!I keep blaming myself for making my body, but I just wanted them to be thorough because I'm very hairy. And I trusted that the technician knew what she was doing.How am I supposed to pay for plastic surgery to get rid of these scars that cover most of my body now? How am I supposed to even live?Please help me.. Give me any advice, I'm so confused, hurt & angry.