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What is this burning feeling?

  • momma79
  • Sebring, FL
  • 3 years ago

Im 2 weeks post op... Im off my pain medications and have minimal swelling still, although if I walk too much or do too much I feel over swelled.. So what is this burning feeling on my abdomen???? My doctor told me to put a frozen bag of peas on my stomach If I ever felt burning, but what is it really??? Thought I asked since Im not going back to the doctor till next week...

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That my dear is swelling, tightening and healing taking place on the inside.  All normal and yes ice packs do help.  Also make sure to rest when needed.  Sit down and kick those feet up while you are putting the frozen peas on the tummy. 

Frozen peas actually work really well.  My boys are hockey players for we have many injuries in my house.  We have an entire shelf in the freezer dedicated to frozen veggies for injuries.  No eating takes place off that shelf...LOL
Im 19 days post op and Im also feeling better these days... was completely off pain med by day 8 or 9... Im also standing up straight which Im happy because my lower back was killing me.....
I'm 14 days post op and having some of the same pain. I was told it's the nerves growing back together essentially. Mine is getting better as time passes.