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Have I been burned by my IPL treatment or is this normal?

  • ATLgal99
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 1 year ago

This is a photo of my chest one day after my first IPL treatment.  No test area was treated.  I have not been in the sun for over two months and am not using any tanning products or bronzers.  I sent this photo to the MedSpa where I had the treatment and they told me this is "normal" and I will have a great result.  I do not have any pain.  Today is day #2 post treatment and I am seeing the first of the "coffee grounds" effect and am having some mild itching.  I would appreciate any comments/input, including how long it will be before the rectangular marks to resolve.  Obviously, I cannot wear any clothing that exposes my chest...I look like a freak of nature!  The MedSpa recommended a 1% cortisone cream, a mild moisturizer like Cetaphil and absolutely no picking.  They said I can use my Clairsonic scrubber after five days have passed.  I am REALLY freaked out that this is not normal.

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I can definitely understand why you would be freaked out. I know you mentioned you consulted with the MedSpa you went to, where you able to talk to the physician there? It might not be a bad idea to visit a dermatologist to have them check you out so you can either know what to do to help heal the area, or have complete peace of mind that things are ok.

Here is a Q&A where the community member has a similar grid pattern to what your picture shows (It is listed under Photofacial, which is the same thing as IPL).

4 Days After Photofacial - Will This Scar?

Please keep us posted on how you are doing and what goes on from here.

Actually, I had that same look and had excellent results. It did take a couple of weeks to recover but it was worth it for me. My problem is that I am going to a laser center, now, and I don't get any of that with hardly noticeable results. I keep asking them to go stronger but I'm not seeing results like I did when I got that slight burn. Does anyone know what strength I should ask for to see better results? It is getting really expensive because I have to go more with less results.