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How to fix bulbous tip and asymmetrical nose

  • Sigourney5
  • Colorado
  • 4 years ago

I really want to have rhinoplasty done. My nose is seriously crooked and seems to make my entire face seem asymmetrical. It could just be my face, I really have no idea. In pictures, the asymmetry is much more pronounced. Another thing that I would like to have corrected is my bulbous nasal tip that points downwards and is much too large. Is there anyway for these problems to be fixed in an aesthetically pleasing way or am I just stuck with my *birth* nose?

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I have your exact same nose! It is crooked, and my orthodontist told me that I actually had to choose whether I wanted my teeth lined up with my nose or the center of my face. And my tip looks identical to yours. I'm also wondering how easy the fix would be! Let me know.

No, you're not stuck! Good plastic surgeons can do great things with noses (especially keeping within the context of your own tissues and facial shape). Schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and see what he or she says.

I had rhinoplasty several years ago for a bulbous tip, crooked bridge, and hump and I'm SO glad I did.

Who did you use? I'm in L.A. and I'm looking for a great redo ps. I had the first one done at 14. Too young I know, and my parents didn't research at all. I'm 36 now and have never been happy with what happened to the bulbous tip or elongated nostrils created by the tip. I've been really researching for 2yrs. I like Daniel and Frankel, but would love more input and opinions.