BTDT Ladies with easier/faster recoveries...question

  • txcntrygrl
  • Dallas, TX
  • 3 years ago

Were you considered in shape prior to surgery? What I mean is did you work out and physically fit or not? I'm curious if it helps your pain and speeds recovery.

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I am day one post op today and was in tip top physcial shape. I am walking almost upright already, have needed no help in/out of bed and very little pain.

Being in shape definitely helps!
YES - Being in top notch physical shape absolutely helped with my recovery. From what I can tell, reading other TT stories, I had a much easier time recovering and bounded back much faster than most. I never needed help in/out of bed; in the shower; etc. Click on my name and read my story.

Definitely being fit and in shape prior to surgery is a big bonus!  It will help in not only the recovery process but your final results as well.