Is bruising a warning sign?

  • aprl
  • 2 years ago

I have just started seeing an electrologist. She has 32 years of experience and is a board member for her state's electrology association.   I had a consultation with her and the few small spots she did seemed to heal fine. I have since had 3 hours within two days on one leg. She has decided to use AC on my leg, since it is a large area (she also used an insulated probe). Yesterday's session was 2 hours long and the first session I had. She said that I swell a lot more than other people but I seemed to have had fairly minimal scabbing from the first session. I got one small definite bruise during that session, and some other spots that could be bruises, but it is hard to tell if they are bruises or just my vein showing through. I had a one hour session today. I scheduled a 2 hour, but I could not bear the pain for that long today (for some reason it was far more painful and the hairs had much more trouble coming out). I count at least 6 new bruised areas, though they are not bad bruises, except one which is about the size of a quarter and very, very dark and purple. It looks rather horrible Also, it is painful.

The bottom half of my leg is not finished, after 3 hours. I don't know if that is normal or not. My electrologist talks about these bruises as if they are common, normal, and no big deal. However, as I've been re-researching common side effects, I have not found bruising to be on the list of common effects. I see it mentioned that it happens, but is not necessarily common, nor is it necessarily normal and I shouldn't worry about it. Apparently, according to most places, it only occurs with incorrect insertion (too large a probe, too deep, etc). I have even run across posts in which electrologists who have many years of experience are freaked out because one of their clients got a bruise and they have never bruised anyone before. So, I'm worried that I may be with an electrologist who could not be performing the job very well. When seeing this kind of bruising, should I seek a different electrologist? I would have thought with so much experience that she would be a good choice, and she is quite kind and attentive (though she was on the cell phone while working on my leg for a short amount of time). Anyway, should I be worried? Should I find someone else? I have a lot of work that I want done because I do have abnormal amounts of hair and am pursuing a career in which that would hold me back. So, I want to be sure I'm with someone who isn't going to be causing any unnecessary damage, or heaven forbid, permanent skin damage, to large areas of my body. Also, she asks for almost double the amount of money I was expecting to pay, and I want to be sure I'm with the best I can be with if I'm paying that much money, especially since I will be having many, many hours of this that I have to go through.   Please, any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!