Had brows done two days ago..Should they look burgundy?

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My brows are burgundy. I went to someone who is well known and teaches & certifies others. She did the hair stroke in brown tint and another brown color. She said it is normal to look this way because theĀ inflamedĀ skin is red underneath and to wait a week. I am keeping the petroleum jelly on my brows as well as the eyeliner she did in black on my top lids w/lash enhancement. They look great. The brows are shaped beautfully, just the color has me concerned as I am a cool tone person. She said she uses warm inks in cool toned people and cool colored inks in warm toned people. Does this make sense? She said it mixes with your natural color and balances out. Normally I use a taupe colored eyebrow pencil. When do most feel they can use cosmetics? My brow have not scabed off yet but maybe I am using too much petroleum jelly?

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They have gotten less reddish. I think they were pretty imflammed. I never scabbed over. Called my PMA and she said "I was lucky"? So does that mean it won't happen? She told me to call her in 6 weeks for touch ups. What can I expect now? Just fading? I like how dark they are now actually. In my pic that was 2 days after but now it is 6 days later and they are more of a warm light brownish tint. I do have cool tones but she said she used a warm brown tint.

Glad to hear things are looking better!! Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question of what you should expect now, but also would assume if anything they would lighten. I would love it if you would start a review so we can continue to follow your story and see pictures at the different stages. :)


Has the color changed at all, or are you still feeling they are too much on the red side?

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Click on my name and see the pic of the work. It was done 2 days ago.