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Have you had a browlift with itching and then the itching got better?

  • mlouise
  • Quincy, CA
  • 1 year ago

Well, shoot, my face lift, brow lift, everything looks super great and I love it.  It was done on June 11, 2013.  In the past 3 weeks the feeling has come back into the top of my scalp and the numbness is gone.  However, my head is itching like crazy.  I see that scratching it doesn't really give me relief (it feels so good though!) and I am thinking that it probably just aggravates it and makes it itchier.  SO I am trying to NOT scratch it, let it heal, I almost have it kind of scabby and think that maybe just brushing it twice a day (FEELS SOO GOOD) I can help it maybe not be itchier in the long run.  Any advice or experience would be appreciated.  Please don't tell me that after 4 years your head is still itching.  If you do I'll figure that you've been scratching it for 4 years.  PLUS, my hair did fall out for 3 weeks after the lift, but is growing back like crazy now.  I no longer look bald.  Yay!!!!        

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My face lift, brow lift looked terrific at the beginning and the more my scalp itched I thought it would drive me crazy, and then lesion started and infections. After 9 plus years, my head still itches and lesions about every 2 to 3 months and back to dermatologist for cortisone mixed with pain meds injections in scalp to try to get by until the next outbreak. My surgery has cost me more than money, it has cost me almost 10 years of my life. My problem is on only one side of my head. I have huge lumps come up and right side of face has been reddish (whole jaw) ever since day 1 of surgery. People ask me have I had a real bad case of the Shingles all the time with all the scarred red lesions from temple down side of face. I don't get out much anymore, I have someone buy my groceries and I do not shop, but very little and hoping I don't see anyone that knows me.
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