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Have you had a browlift with itching and then the itching got better?

  • mlouise
  • Quincy, CA
  • 7 months ago

Well, shoot, my face lift, brow lift, everything looks super great and I love it.  It was done on June 11, 2013.  In the past 3 weeks the feeling has come back into the top of my scalp and the numbness is gone.  However, my head is itching like crazy.  I see that scratching it doesn't really give me relief (it feels so good though!) and I am thinking that it probably just aggravates it and makes it itchier.  SO I am trying to NOT scratch it, let it heal, I almost have it kind of scabby and think that maybe just brushing it twice a day (FEELS SOO GOOD) I can help it maybe not be itchier in the long run.  Any advice or experience would be appreciated.  Please don't tell me that after 4 years your head is still itching.  If you do I'll figure that you've been scratching it for 4 years.  PLUS, my hair did fall out for 3 weeks after the lift, but is growing back like crazy now.  I no longer look bald.  Yay!!!!        

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