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Has anyone had a Brow Lift in the Detroit, Toledo, or Cleveland area.

  • OneEyebrowLowerThanTheOther
  • 5 months ago

Has anyone had a brow lift in the Detroit, Toledo, or Cleveland area? If so, would you be interested in talking to me about the procedure?  I am very interested in the brow lift and eyelid surgery, but am getting frustrated finding a surgeon.

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I'm in search for the same thing in the same area. If you get any recommendations please please let me know!
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Please very careful to pick the right doctor. Most doctors pick their best work to show their clients. The one I gone to did that to me. My face is very messed up by him. I look very weird. He left me not only with massive scars, but also one eyebrow lower by 1/4" from the other one. He deny he was the one that done this to me. Why would eyelid surgery required touching my hold upper face?????
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Was your Dr in the Detroit area?
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