Breasts Implants Decision - What Do You Think?

  • happygirl321
  • 2 years ago

Dear all, I want to have big breasts so bad since teenager. I thought that getting implants would fulfill my fantasy. I spent days and nights googling for the pros and cons of the surgery, I am hesitated before I make this decision.

I am 36 years old, single, I have A cup, when I lay down, I am flat. I am very healthy, no diseases, no infections, Thinking about inserting two silicone inside of my body is like having two clock ticking bombs as I search more. The complications, the extensive care and attention, the replacement, the out of pocket MRI cost every other year... I don't know if I am able to tell myself that it is my fault to cause all the future pains and expenses because of the implants when I am older.