Breasts Implants Decision - What Do You Think?

  • happygirl321
  • 2 years ago

Dear all, I want to have big breasts so bad since teenager. I thought that getting implants would fulfill my fantasy. I spent days and nights googling for the pros and cons of the surgery, I am hesitated before I make this decision.

I am 36 years old, single, I have A cup, when I lay down, I am flat. I am very healthy, no diseases, no infections, Thinking about inserting two silicone inside of my body is like having two clock ticking bombs as I search more. The complications, the extensive care and attention, the replacement, the out of pocket MRI cost every other year... I don't know if I am able to tell myself that it is my fault to cause all the future pains and expenses because of the implants when I am older.

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I am 31, I went from an A cup to a DD cup on Aug 29, 2011. Dr. Jugenberg did them in Toronto. At first they feel hard and foreign but as they heal they soften and feel super natural. You really have to ride out the healing process. (1 year) Everyone thinks "OMG what did I do to myself" at first, but as they heal they will be great! The only discomfort I have felt is the new need to support the ladies over going bra less. And one of my nipples is more sensitive than the other, but it has only been 3 mths. Choose the right surgeon and the right product for your lifestyle. I got 550 CC saline, under the muscle. They have an outstanding warranted. Pretty much if anything happens to them the replacement and surgery is covered or mostly covered. The only thing not covered is if I wanted to change sizes or compound (to Silicone). I researched like crazy, once I exhausted the internet for info I started asking women I knew who had implants what actually living with them is like. There is very little info out there on living with implants and follow up apts. Ask and feel around you will be surprised what you will learn and how many people you know already have implants and you didn't know it. Good luck with your decision.
I don't at all feel like I have foreign objects inside me, although yes, in reality, I do. But they feel very natural, and I've had them all of 5 weeks. Though no one has empirical evidence for problems, we do know of people who have had problems. That said, I wonder if the people who end up unhappy are the ones who went too big. I think there would be a greater propensity for problems for them and the dissatisfaction that would stem from having problems. I don't anticipate problems, and you cannot if you are determined to be satisfied with your decision to have implants. That is how I see it.
If you are concerned, think about saline implants. Pretty much you're using water to enlarge your breasts. You do not need MRIs to tell you if there is a problem. If there is a problem, both Mentor and Allergan implants come with a warranty to replace defective implants free of charge, and your surgeon can apply for a stipend to cover at least a part of the surgery. Find a plastic surgeon who will stand by his/her work and would treat you if there ever was a problem without charging you any excessive fees.
I'm 28 and removing my implants after only 2 months. I had them done in Beverly Hills, fast recovery, went from an A to a size C. I had hesitations before but ignored them. I felt that since I had 2 babies and that I could afford it, why not perfect my body with perky boobies. 1) they feel foreign 2) I hate the way the feel when working out, laying down, holding my children, hugging etc. 3) so much stress and anxiety of future surgeries 4) my frame is not meant to carry implants. Don't get them. If having small boobs is the worst thing you're dealing with, then you have a blessed life. Be confident with who you are.