Considering breast reduction

  • tddbrs4me
  • 2 years ago

I am considering breast reduction and am looking for women who have undergone the procedure. I have extremely large breasts and I am becoming increasingly disturbed by/discouraged about them. I would appreciate any information that someone who has had it done is willing to provide.

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We are glad you are here. I had always had mixed emotions about my big breasts but it had started to get increasing negative for me. Mostly because I was just flat out tired of them . Tired of the rashes, neck pain, sagging, tired of the dirty looks, tired of their weight, tired of not fitting into clothing. I was really getting tired of not being able to move as freely as I wanted also. But now that I am post-op and my new boobies are smaller I really see how much better my quality of life is. Already I am moving and playing with my kids more and for the first time ever I am 100% happy with me breasts. Genuinlly for the first time ever :O)
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Read my profile. Just as it done 2.5 weeks ago
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