Breast reduction scars--ways to minimize?

  • snoofle
  • 2 years ago

I had a breast reduction last Wednesday and will be having my post-op on May 9. I am a south asian so have the olive-y brown skin and was told by my PS that darker complexions can scar worse than lighter skin people. I bought some Mederma for after my bandages come off and am contemplating vitamin E oil as well. Any thoughts on this? Anyone have any suggestions to really minimize and decrease the scars?

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Dark breast reduction scars can be improved with topical Melaquin cream.
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I used a combination of Palmer's Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil and Bio Oil on mine.  Used it 2 times a day for months.  Firm circular massage.  My scars are flat and barely visible.  

Tried the Mederma and that did not work so well for me.  

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