Breast reduction post op stories

  • breast.idea.ever
  • 2 years ago

Hi all! I am getting a reduction on the 19 and gettingĀ  pretty nervous, I have been looking it up and would like to know some tips from anyone whos been there. What is the recovery time like? how long has it been usualy and what is the pain level like? I am getting the vertical/lollipop incision. thanks!

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Good luck on Monday!


I second Tawlie's suggestion about reading reviews. Hearing first-hand from patients is a great way to set your expectations. You can also filter the reviews by different criteria, so you can see just reviews from 18-24 year olds for example. Feel free to ask questions and chat to people too; everyone here is super-helpful and can give you lots of advice on what to expect.

Finally, check out Kimmer's "13 things I wish I'd known before my Breast Reduction/Lift surgery" -- she's been through it and her article lists lots of things you might not have considered (like when to buy new bras).

No previous surgery and I am an 18 year old college student.
first off, congrats on a surgery date! secondly, get to reading some reviews...when i first joined i started on the monthly check in boards then clicked on the members name to see if they had written a review. also because none of us are the same , our recovery processes are all different but there seems to be some similarities. you have some time so let me ask you this, have you had surgery before? any children?