Breast Reduction & lipo

  • Brooklyn8304
  • 3 years ago

I just got approval for BR from insurance company.  I am approx 38dd-ddd.  Problem is I have a roll about the size of a hot dog maybe a little thinner of fat under boobs/top of stomach.  And I have excess skin between boobs and under arm.  Will BR make that roll go away when they pull boobs up?  And What about the fat between arm & boobs?  Lipo?  Also do I ask Dr or insurance company how much tissue needs to be taken out?  Im so nervous about this whole procedure that when I got the approval from insurance company I started having doubts.  Thanks!

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You need to talk to your doctor about your concerns with the areas you think you want lipo.  Do that as soon as possible so that you are able to plan the surgery accordingly.  He will let you know what is possible and what your results may be.

I do know that insurance will not cover the Lipo procedures but your doctor could give you an estimate for that procedure. 

Don't have doubts about getting this done.  You will feel amazing after this procedure.  Don't allow the fear to take over. 


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