Breast Reduction in Thailand on 15th Dec?

  • Lexi D
  • Scotland
  • 1 year ago

Hi guy's, I wonder if anyone can help I have been taking prescribed painkillers (Tramadol) as a result of my accident & chronic pain I have been trying to find out if i need to stop taking all pain medication? i only stated to my contact at the hosp that i took antidepressants & asked if i should stop taking them, after discussing with the surgeon she informed me i could still take them. Has anyone been in the same boat as me? x

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Haven't Im Afraid, but they tell you to take all your meds with you to the hospital. It must be difficult for you as surgery abroad. Is there anyone you can ask here, eg your gp? Good luck
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Thanks for the response Echeal, I emailed my contact at the hospital in Bangkok. She has been great, i will hear back today (Fri) I am nervous about getting the op in Thailand, but my Dad lives there & i have been quite a few times, also a close friend is coming with me for 6 weeks, which i'm so grateful for as i wouldn't want to go on this journey alone lol! How is your 'journey' going? x
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