Breast Reduction in 21 days. I was super excited now I am super nervous and scared!

  • batgirlm
  • El Mirage, AZ
  • 2 years ago

I am a 38 year old size 42 DDD going to a C.  I have had neck and back pain for years and even had PT, chiropractic and even some nuerological care.  My insurance is paying for my reduction.  When I got the approval I was super excited.  Today I have been doing more reading and watching youtube videos of peoples experience.  I am feeling nervous even scared.  I am not afraid of the pain or scaring.  I am afraid of something going wrong.  I am typically not afraid of anything!  I know this is an invasive surgery and feel like I have not taken enough time off work either.  I am having surgery on 7/27 and plan to go back to work 8/6.  How long will I be in the surgical bra.  I know everyone heals differently.  I just feel like I might have been taking this too lightly.  I am concerned that plastic surgeons are great at augmentations but not reductions.  UGH.  I hate the way I am feeling.  I need to be excited.  I have thought about doing this for years!