Breast reduction experiences in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas

  • twinpeaksnc
  • 2 years ago

Hello all. I am truly interested in BR surgery and this is the beginning of my journey in researching everything. Are any of you from Charlotte or nearby? I know its probably against the rules for you to recommend any particular surgeon but can anyone at least tell me how much you ended up paying out of pocket? Also do you happen to have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and are they difficult to get approved?

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I live in Winston-Salem and have BCBS of NC. My surgery was 2 weeks ago, so the bills haven't rolled in yet, but I think I'll end up paying about $2500 out of pocket, since I stayed overnight at the hospital. This was the second time I requested authorization for a BR...two years ago I was denied, then I decided to try again this past May and was approved in less than 2 days.
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I paid about 1600.00 out of pocket total. I have BCBS but not IIlnios.Part was his fee other part was surge-care fee. I live in Wilmington NC. Dr. White was my surgeon. He is awesome! I had mine done June 4 2012.
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I have bcbs il and I got approved within 6 weeks. I called them to find out specifically what I needed to do and I was pointed to the location on website.
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