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Post-Breast Reduction Bra ~ Need Advice

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  • 3 years ago

Talked to a few who had reduction, but no consistent answers. Some went braless, others wore sleep/stretch bras, other sports bra for first 3 mos...just wanted to see what others were doing...

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My ps said sports bra for first 6 weeks. I recommend ace bandages for first week, then I started wearing my old sports bra with ABD surgical pads at suture line sites and telfa nonstick pads at nipples for cushioning. Pre op my sports bra cups were filled and overflowing. Post op it fits nicely.
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Ps - my sports bra is a "Shock Absorber"
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Hi anon, I had a cotton 5 hook front fastening bra for the 1st 2 weeks post op. I then bought Genie Bras and I have worn them day and night. I step into mine and pull it up which is easier than over your head. I found 1 enough but if you wanted more support (you may not need it) you can layer them. I went from a 34GG/H (uk size) to a full B/small C and I love the Genie Bra's! (or similar make). I am not going to wear any underwire bras for 6 months, just soft cup ones, even strapless but I am 14 weeks post op. Hope that helps?
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My PS 'gives' you a soft surgical bra for support to be worn 24/7 for the first 4 weeks. You pay for it of course as part of your surgical costs.
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I wore a soft surgical bra round the clock for three months. They were so comfortable even to sleep in. The support felt great and I am glad I did it.
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