Breast reduction 36dd

  • jesst7
  • 2 years ago

I recently went for a consultation for a breast reduction and was told that I would probably be approved for 310 grams to be removed from each breast. Has anyone had experience with this much breast mass being removed? Is it possible to estimate where that would leave me, being a 36DD? The plastic surgeon said I would probably end up being a B but it's really hard to tell.

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My size was 34DD, probably small DDD because my bras was to tight. My PS took about 650 grams from each side and 3 weeks post op I think it looks like a C. at first it was soooo little I thought I was a B but it does changed and my DR promised a C.
Can't wait to go bra shopping!
From what I have read, one cup size equals about 150g per cup. (it can be a little more) For your 310, that is barely two cup sizes. You would be a full C most likely.

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