Damage after breast & nipple being squeezed hard?

  • hood974
  • Northern NJ
  • 4 years ago

I had silicone implants unders, periareola incision exactly 1 month ago. 2 days ago I was intimate with my boyfriend, he got a little too excited about my new additions and at one point squeezed them very hard causing slight pain in my right breast (the one which has dropped faster & has seemed slightly larger from the beginning). Since then I have had soreness in my right breast & nipple. It seems slightly firmer now. But the implant also seems to move around my chest alittle bit more than before. Could it be displaced? Injured? Maybe I’m being paranoid?

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No burning sensation after that particular incident but randomly I get a brief burning sensation on the sides of my breasts. Really brief 3-5 seconds then its gone. I'm only 3 months post op and think it's part of the healing.
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Did you have a burning sensation in your breast afterwards? And how long id the soreness last?
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Just wanted to give an update. My breast's are fine. I was sore/tender for a few days following but now doing great.
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Yay! So glad to hear you're feeling better.

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