How Do You Breast Massage?

  • Its4Me Jen
  • Fort Loudon, PA
  • 1 year ago

I've been looking online for instructions on how to do the breast implant massages and have found so many different directions/instructions.  At my Post Op appointment my PS gave me entirely different directions than anything I have seen or read at all.  I like his, but curious to how everyone else does theirs?   My PS has us pushing my implants together from the outside towards the middle.  He then has us pull them up from the top by pushing up until the bottom crease of my boobs are showing.  We hold each exercise for a few seconds and repeat each a few times.

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I'd definitely follow what YOUR doctor recommends, but here is what some other docs have to say about breast massage. Hopefully some other ladies who've done it will chime in here, too!

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Thank you Angie. I am definitely following my docs orders. I was just curious to see what other women were doing since it seems each doc does them a little different.
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My doc says to push down toward ground from top of breast for 30 seconds, then push together from outside for 30 seconds. Then, push implant up and down in each breast, individually, 12 times. Repeat that 4 times a day for the first weeks, go down to three times, then two, and once daily forever after that. So, it's similiar to your doc's orders...
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Thank you 3km. I found this video that gives the same instructions my doc gave, plus a lot more. I think I'm going to try them all. I'm just real scared of getting a capsular contracture, so have been looking at all the different techniques out there. This is the one I found on YouTube:
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