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Breast list post op questions.

  • traumachic
  • Colorado Springs
  • 3 years ago

Hi, I am a 32 y/o f. 3 yrs post op RNY (weight loss surgery) I have lost 145 lbs. I am stable in my weight also I am 10 weeks post op Tummy Tuck. I am doing well. I have a Breast lift coming up on Wed. I am wondering about pain experiences and recovery. I am trying to get my "nesting" done. Advice?

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I am 4 days post op Breast lift. I am feeling pretty good actually. Pain is minimal and ice is my best friend. No drains and I am using my tummy tuck binder at home and a bra when I am out in public.

That's good news. I can't believe you've gone out already!

Thanks Sharon, I am getting nervous!! I am off to check out the link now. Have a great day.

Hi traumachic,

Check out Kimmer's "Breast Lift and Reduction Survival Guide" -- it's an amazing resource with tons of post-op advice, and even a shopping list of items to have on-hand.

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow!