Breast lift, no implants

  • francesca_d
  • 3 years ago

Hi all, My surgery is in about 5 hours and I am a bit scared. :) What can I say, I am scared that there will be too much blood, scars, bruises and I do not know what else. I know it will heal, I just wish it were 2 weeks later already! :) The most scary part is, how will I perform my daily activities though? Will it be painful to brush my hair, or is it at all smart to do? :) Will I be able to sit at a chair and type? How will I be able to sleep without turning around? I live alone and I am worried that I will have to do too mnay things on my own right after. :(( I would appreciate if someone could tell me how to manage my daily activities and any tips what to avoid? Thanks a lot! I will be back with you after the operation.  

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Hi Angiemcc,

Thanks for your help!

I have created my own review:

At the moment my mom is here and she is helping me. Brushing my hair is piece of cake for me, what I have come to notice is the real hassle, that is the heavy doors in my building and actually most [places outside, like restaurants, cafes and shops. I never realized how heavy they actually are. :)

Another thing that has to be mentioned, that is the people walking around, they do not care and rush, push and pull around me. Any confrontation against another person's body is so [painful. I feel the tension and stitches tighten. I try hard to avoid rushing into anyone, but in Sofia people seem to love doing that. :(( Other than that, today I feel better.

You've had your surgery by now. If you're up to typing, we'd love to know how it went. Just take it easy. If you're not going anywhere, don't worry about brushing your hair! Do you have a friend or someone who can check on you daily to make sure you're doing okay?