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Breast Lift surgery with no implants

  • stephvale1
  • 1 year ago

  Hi guys   hoping to get some advice on a Breast Lift surgery Im getting done in Jan with Dr Teerasit from Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, although ive heard good things about him I'm sttrugling to find some before and after shots of his work. My concerns are, the scarring, will my breast be a size smaller post surgery, and if i loose 5 kilos will it reverse the affect of my operation? I've been told i should have the Breast Lift with Inverted T scar, but is there any better or other options for me?   If anyone can help me that would be amazing

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hi i was prob about the same as u. All the surgeons i went to told, except 1, (went to about 5) told me even though inverted t or lollipop is less scaring the long term result won't be as good. I went to the anchor and am happy. Loosing won't do much to make yr boobs sag much more well not unless the whole 5kg of fat comes from them....
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Hi Dr. Horndeski offers an ultimate breast lift without the vertical scar. He is in sugarland,tx.
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