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Breast Lift/high profile silicone implant & tummy tuck

  • Windygal
  • Baltimore, MD
  • 3 years ago

I just had my surgery 7/27/11. All is going well however immediately my right breast implant has settled perfectly while the left has not dropped. I am wearing a breast band. Should I be concerned about the breast that dropped quicker?

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Wondering what was the outcome of your left breast? Did you in fact had capsular contracture or did you end up waiting and in due time the implant finally dropped?

I would go in for a follow up with your PS if I were you.  I am sure one is just taking longer than the other. ;)


Hi Windygal,

Breast implants often drop at slightly different rates. Swelling can also skew your results for quite a few weeks post-op. Try to be patient, but if you're really concerned, contact your plastic surgeon.