Breasts firm and high after lift

  • bedfordreader
  • boston
  • 4 years ago

I got a breast lift a week ago, and I have two questions. One is, is it normal that my breats are yellow? They yellow is leaking out in some spots. Also, my breasts are too perky. They feel really firm and are a lot higher than I had thought. Will they fall down at all in the next few weeks and become a little softer? (in the pic i have the medicine on still, thats what the white stuff is -silvadine, then after they stop oozing, i was told to use tegaderm tape)

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Hi there,

I've read that yellowish oozing could be fat drainage. Do discuss this with your plastic surgeon, especially if the discharge turns dark or smells foul. Go here to read what doctors have to say about this.

Yes, your breasts should settle. Has anyone been through this who can share her experience?