I had a breast lift with breast augmentation done on December 5, 2011. I wanted a small D size postop.

  • veryunhappy
  • 2 years ago

Started with a B+ on the right side and a C on the left breast.  After surgery I was told that my doctor used 410 cc's on both breasts!  Now my left breast is still bigger than my right!  Postop I have had cellulitis twice and infections almost every month, for which I've been on antibiotics.  Also my aerolar on my left breast is noticeably larger than the right.  I had the aerolar breast lift, which my doctor said would give me the lift I want plus could make the aerolars smaller.  Now postop 7 months and my breasts are dropping more than I was wanting and going to the outside.  A couple days ago I seen my doctor and expressed my concerns about the left breast being bigger and dropping significantly and also the aerolar noticeably larger than the right side.  She suggested doing another breast lift, this time doing the anchor incision.  They want to charge me another $3500 for this.  I feel I shouldn't have to pay more for another surgery.  I don't understand why my doctor didn't put smaller implant into my larger breast and why she didn't opt for the anchor incision to begin with.  Any suggestions or opinions would be grateful! 

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Welcome to RealSelf! I'm sorry you're so unhappy with your results. That's a big disappointment, I'm sure. Have you considered consulting with another surgeon, just to get a different opinion about what you should do? Anchor lifts are generally more effective than aerolar lifts, but do leave more noticeable scarring. Though maybe that's not a big worry for you at this point. If you communicated clearly what you wanted with your doctor and she didn't abide by your wishes, I think she should waive her fee. Though you will probably still be charged the anesthesia and facility charge. I know it seems unfair...