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Breast lift with augmentation

  • Abelha
  • Oslo
  • 3 years ago

What size of implant would you recommend for me? I'm thinking about round high profile 300 cc or 350 cc implant, but before I was thinking that it would be too big, now I'm thinking it will be too small :P. I would like a sexy and not too big breast! A Lollipop Breast Lift is a procedure recommended to my case?? I'm so afraid of the scars, but I want my breast in a good shape, that's the most important for me at the momment :)!!

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The scars heal very nicely and they are able to conceal these pretty well.   So don't stress yourself out over that. 

After surgery stay persistent on the massage of the scars and you will notice quick improvement.
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Thank you very much!! What do you suggest, 300 or 350 cc high profile implants? Or maybe it would be too small?? I'm not sure on the size!! :P
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Check out this link regarding sizes..

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