breast lift (no aug) with tummy tuck

  • mye
  • New Jersey
  • 1 year ago

I'm considering having both at the same time but here are my concerns: 1. A lot of time under general anesthesia, if you've had these two surgeries together, how long was your surgery? 2. Because of an extended surgery period, I'm worried that one of the areas will lack the high aesthetic quality that I want (I've chosen my surgeon based on his beautiful aesthetic results).  3. Also worried that when I have a smaller, flatter midsection my breasts will look unnaturally large (I'm 36DDD but only 5'2), and that I will regret not having a reduction & lift instead of just a lift.   To those who have had these surgeries together, are you happy you did it all in one shot or do you wish you had done it in two surgeries? I'm not concerned about the money I'm 'saving' by doing both at once.   Thanks!!!