Considering Breast Implants, but already at a D! Anyone started out with a D?

  • Courtney687
  • 2 years ago

I am almost 22 , and have been considering Breast Implants for years now. My weight has sky rocketed and ive lost it all again. Unfortunatly, my breasts no longer look the same, but are a size D. Has anyone started out with D and then got implants? What is your experience, do you have photos? Please help.

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Thank you, i have not seen a surgeon yet. I'm currently doing my research to who could be best for me. Do you think it would be alright to do a couple appointments with different ones to see price range, quality of work, dedication (i've heard stories of great surgeons in Ottawa that if there is a problem, its as if they disappear and don't want to handle it. I definitely do not want that to happen to me. Im hoping once im at the apointments, they can tell me right then and there what the best option would be. I like the appearance of breast implants, but its true, im not sure if i should just do a lift, or lift and implants or just plain implant. Lots to think about, but im really happy that i am finally starting to take action for real!

Hi Courtney,

I know I've seen ladies on RealSelf who've started out a D, but just want a fuller, more rounded shape. You don't have to go bigger to get implants. Sometimes it's more about shape than size. Has your surgeon said anything about a lift? That's something you might want to consider as well, depending on your anatomy, etc.