Has anyone had breast implants, been unhappy, and had them redone within 6-12 months? Did they turn out better or worse?

  • Renee in Florida
  • 2 years ago

I had saline over the muscle breast implants that were 15 years old, and I developed ripples on the left breast.  I decided to have them redone with silicone under the muscle (requiring a breast lift.)  My boyfriend wanted me to go a little bigger so I ended up with 600cc silicone implants over the muscle instead of under, and I have terrible ripples on both breasts, and needless to say, I hate them.  (Apparently, I was not specific enough with my PS because I never would have gone that big and over the muscle if there was any chance I would develop ripples.  I paid extra money for the breast lift so that he could put them under the muscle.)  My breasts are "quantity" not "quality."  I went from 36C to 34DD.  I am scheduled to have them redone in a month, and I am having my original size (350cc) replaced, a revision of the lift, and going under the muscle.  (The revision is costing me $6000.)  Can anyone share their revision experience with me?  My boyfriend is afraid that I will hate the revision just as much, and now I am scared.